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University of Buner is a full-fledged public university at Buner, which is home to nearly 0.9 million people. The university is in its embryonic stage but the passion and growth it has shown in its maiden year of existence is enough to show its commitment towards excellence. Prior to its establishment, the people of this locality used to go to different cities of the country to quench their thirst for knowledge. However, now this seat of knowledge is providing quality education to the residents and soon students from other parts of the province and country will be seen seeking admission in this university.

Excellence and diversity are the pillars the whole edifice of this university is built on. The moto is to uphold excellence and prove that only the fittest can survive. “Nothing less than the best” is the slogan of the recently established Quality Enhancement Cell. The team’s commitment towards ensuring quality in all departments is a thing, which will make it soon a place admired not only by the students but also by the academicians across the country. Secondly, ethnic and religious diversity in the campus is commendable. In such a remote district, seeing students from different religions and backgrounds is so soothing.

In terms of building, a master plan is ready to have a massive infrastructure of its own. This master plan will make the university more vibrant since the shortage of space is a serious limitation. According to the plan about 500 kanal land is to be acquired for the building of the university soon.

Furthermore, seven different departments are delivering state of the art services to it students and equipping them to face the challenges of the world. The aim is not only to make students ready for further studies but also to make them able to change the way things work.  The university is aiming to get accreditations for its various programs from HEC. Faculty and administration’s efforts show that in near future the accreditations will be in hand.

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