Being a Project Director of the University of Buner , it is a matter of great specification and pride that University is finally taking off. It is a dream coming true! A great seat of learning and a beacon of light is coming into being! The foundation of an Alma matter of future scientists, researchers and scholars are being laid.
As the university is taking its baby steps towards a great future, I am fully cognizant of the challenges lying ahead. We are starting from scratch and will need to develop the infrastructure required for a world- class university. Continuous hard-work and an unflinching resolve on the part of my team would be needed to translate our dream into reality. Our dream is to establish a university where focus would be on imparting quality education, promoting excellent research, and celebrating diversity of thought and ideas. All this would be manifested in lunching various academic programs/activities as the university moves ahead.

The establishment of a university in the land of Peer Baba was long overdue. The need for a university had become all the more important and pronounced in the wake of a long and deadly wave of terrorism. This university thus marks the victory of the forces of light and enlightenment.

I would like to congratulate and thank the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the establishment of this great seat of learning. This is indeed a solid step towards providing higher education at the door step to the masses. The establishment of this center of higher education clearly manifests the government’s commitment to and love for education and knowledge. On the road to success, I would need to help and support of the government.

Last but not least, the poeple of Buner deserve spacial congratulations on the establishment of the university. With the support of the people of Buner, the university will grow from strength to strength.

May God guide us in the right direction.
Project Director
The University of Buner